Lance Armstrong – The Man Behind The Legend – Part 1/5

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25 Responses to “Lance Armstrong – The Man Behind The Legend – Part 1/5”

  1. Bon Chawi says:

    i hate lance armstrong, he’s a cynical liar and cheater

  2. ritter89 says:

    I’ll bet that the lone testicle looks like a sun dried raisin at this point

  3. Abnsdllnnlosnfd says:

    Doping in professional sports = one thing…Bullying people and destroying
    other lives = a whole different story!!!

  4. boy racer says:

    yeh i was the not really back then but he is better than lance armstrong

  5. TheRebuilt1 says:

    really, and your sure of this 100%

  6. YHWH YAHUWAH says:


  7. oitotheworld23 says:

    @Drago110482 OK dude settle down. I agree with you that Lance isn’t the
    greatest of all time…those debates are usually worthless anyway. However,
    when it comes to cycling Merckx is the undisputed greatest. Lance is,
    however, the greatest Tour de France cyclist in history. That shouldn’t be
    too much of a debate.

  8. Sherri2008 says:

    who do you think is?

  9. musicNsoccer says:

    They will burn his *ss in effigy in England. The icon’s looking a little
    unrecognizable these days, as is the brand. “LONDON — His career is in
    ruins and now an effigy of Lance Armstrong is about to go up in smoke. The
    disgraced American cyclist has been chosen as the latest celebrity to be
    burned in effigy during an English town’s nationally famous Bonfire Night
    celebrations. The effigy, to be burned Saturday, sports a sign saying: “For
    sale, racing bike, no longer required.” LiveDoped!

  10. fgTelevision says:

    Merckx but its just my opinion 😉

  11. musicNsoccer says:

    Vagina Man Bryce, chew on this, instead of the vag. He wrote in his 2003
    biography “Every Second Counts”: “Luke’s name is Armstrong and people know
    that name, and when he goes to school I don’t want them to say, `Oh yeah,
    your dad’s the big fake, the doper.’ That would just kill me.” Now he’s
    confessing to doping. Ain’t that a shame! LIveDoped! WinWrong, CheatLong,
    DopeStrong, RIProng!

  12. musicNsoccer says:

    The difference between Suzy Favor Hamilton and ArmProng: (Suzy Hamilton is
    a US Olympian turned Las Vegas whore). “I take full responsibility for my
    mistakes. I’m not the victim and I’m not going that route,” Favor Hamilton
    said. “I’m owning up to what I did. I would not blame anybody except
    myself.” She added, “Everybody in this world makes mistakes. I made a huge
    mistake. Huge.” ArmProng the loser EPO whore will never acknowledge his
    cheating. LiveDoped! WinWrong CheatLong DopeStrong RIProng!

  13. HitMeQuick says:

    …and as funny as you are perceptive ( which is not at all ).

  14. chuck love says:

    What was JFK guilty of ?

  15. TheDbowtell says:

    When you look at the Livestrong site I’m not sure what Livestrong does. It
    certainly doesn’t transfer funds into cancer research. They have a graph of
    spending. But it’s not particularly transparent as to what is they have
    spent the money on. I certainly wouldn’t trust Lance with my donation.

  16. Martin Santi Goycoechea says:

    Esta mal el titulo tendria que ser algo asi como “El hombre detras del

  17. musicNsoccer says:

    I agree w you man. Check out: “Lance Armstrong sings Radiohead’s Creep” on
    youtube. This video is made for all AssProng fans (like you). LiveDoped!
    WinWrong CheatLong DopeStrong RIProng!

  18. Russell Kenny says:

    I wish it was The man behind bars.

  19. TheDbowtell says:

    There were tests that were quashed. A new test was developed which showed
    doping in 1999 that was done in 2004. Your stand point is one of weakness,
    as unfortunately people seem to think that the testing is as good as a
    litmus test, or DNA profiling. Unfortunately the science isn’t that good
    and makes dopers lives easier. The issue with Armstrong is that you cannot
    let the biggest cheat of them all get away with cheating. It sends the
    wrong message.

  20. TheTorontoist says:

    That cancer bit is a tad rich. Livestrong – nothing for cancer research.
    Lots for Lance. Lots and lots for Lance. Cash for Lance. Ego for Lance.
    Denial for Lance. Armstrong is an insult to cancer patients.

  21. Jaypee Magtibay says:

    lance mother raised him very well a hardworking mom… This video inspires
    everyone who have problems with financial needs…. hope this video
    inspires you. im one who inspired this video…

  22. chuck love says:

    Millions of innocent people were murdered down through history – What was
    Christ guilty of ??

  23. TigerWoodsLoveChild says:

    How about Hincapie, Leipheimer, Van de Velde…. are they all just pointing
    fingers too? They weren’t facing prosecution. Oh, and by the way, he did
    fail tests. In fact, he failed a test at the first Tour he won. Tested
    positive for cortisone, yet somehow manufactured a back dated prescription
    for “saddle sores.” Now, no one uses cortisone for saddle sores, but OK….

  24. TigerWoodsLoveChild says:

    Congrats on having better doping doctors than the rest of the peloton, that
    makes you a real hero. DopeStrong and a world class athlete, what a guy.

  25. turkyish says:

    biggest sporting fraud in history,,,,,total twat