The Basics of Landscaping

Landscaping often comes as a large scale project that seems insurmountable to beginners. Where do you start when making sure that your lawn has everything that it needs? Just like a good house needs a strong foundation, landscaping as a skill also requires a set of basics. Professional landscaping Jacksonville services will help, but it’s worth knowing a few basics first.

The first couple of things that all nice looking and healthy lawn needs is a strong edging and proper irrigation or draining. If you have flower beds or a garden, you need some kind of barrier between your lawn and your plants. You also need to make sure that water doesn’t get trapped in certain places in your yard. On the other hand, you need your soil to hold enough water that your grass and plants get the hydration they need. Make sure you install a decent irrigation and drainage system. A popular and efficient choice of lawn drainage is the French drain, a pipe that lies underground and does its job without ever being seen.

Make sure you have good soil for your plants and add some mulch. Darker mulch will help the colors of your plants stand out, making them seem brighter and livelier. Mulch is also a maintenance measure. It helps your soil hold water and protects against weeds. Good landscaping basics involve looking after the health of your flower beds and grass.

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One of the best ways to keep your yard looking vibrant and in good health is to keep it colorful. Add a range of colorful flowers and bushes to your flowerbeds. Also make sure that your yard is getting enough sunlight. Consider the amount of light that trees and surrounding buildings will allow when planning out your space. Light is vital to making sure your beautiful yard is on display.