Tour De Suisse And The Critérium Du Dauphiné – GCN Weekly Cycling News Show – Episode 24

Ride and Yeah Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Tour De Suisse And The Critérium Du Dauphiné – GCN Weekly Cycling News Show – Episode 24”

  1. DarkMatter1962 says:

    FYI, None of the “clickable” areas in the last 30 seconds of the video are
    actually clickable. This is a pity as I’d like to see “Cntrl Blance with
    Martyn Ashton”. Going to have to search for it instead…..

  2. Bradley Skidmore says:

    Don’t believe he has peaked too early, the bofins at sky know exactly what
    they’re doing 🙂

  3. Lucas Turner says:

    Why you haten on Froome and sky? I think Froome has a good shot at the tour
    as long as he doesn’t get caught doping. Haha J/k

  4. Louis P says:

    GCN for UCI Presidency!

  5. Patrick Smith says:

    Sure, Froome can win it, but what would be good would be for the result not
    to be certain until the last possible moment…

  6. alex durnell says:

    Froome will win it

  7. Juan Sebastian Arenas says:

    What about the Tour of Colombia? Are you mentioning something next week

  8. Hasnain Iqbal says:

    Froome can do it at least he better i want my gatorade refunds!

  9. {R} Paddy says:

    Ti’s tradition Joe, once it’s been going on for 50 years it’s kind of hard
    to stop it.

  10. Joe Baker says:

    What is it with pro cycling and the ubiquitous podium girls? It’s fantastic
    seeing the celebrations at the end of great stages and races, but surely
    podium girls are an anachronism the sport can do without, especially
    highlighted by with Sagan’s stupid antics. What does GCN think about this?
    Any chance of an interview/discussion with, say, someone from Team Wiggle
    Honda on the issue?

  11. Global Cycling Network says:

    Sorry. The links are sorted now!

  12. Global Cycling Network says:

    Are you using Google Chrome as your browser? We’ve also experienced a
    couple of problems on a certain version of Chrome. Hopefully whatever the
    issue is, will be resolved soon.

  13. Emmanuel says:


  14. TheEnglishRedRose says:

    Thank you for the shout-out to women’s cycling news! One more reason to
    love GCN 🙂

  15. pedalpower67 says:

    Excellent video again GCN, out of season is there any chance of Dan & Simon
    visiting local cycling clubs throughout the uk?, just do show us grass
    routes cycling, i am sure these clubs would love for you to take a club run
    with them to ! call it free publicity for these clubs, but i have been in a
    club a long time ago & am thinking of join one again , keep up the good
    work lads !

  16. peter gentle says:

    Maybe another McQuad interview is needed with GCN asking some tough
    questions this time. He’s lost the vote in Ireland and is now begging the
    Swiss to back him. Maybe a question for him is: “why don’t you do the best
    thing for the sport and stand down from the election?” He might – might –
    have been totally innocent of what was going during the IPO years but we
    need a sign that the bad old days – and its administrators – are long gone.
    Cookson too is from that era…we need younger candidates.

  17. DarkMatter1962 says:

    They’re fine thanks.

  18. John Smith says:

    Its tradition.

  19. Jason Jacoby says:

    I wish Froome, Porte, and everyone at Sky would just go away

  20. Joseph Mahach says:

    Sounds like doping.

  21. Joe Baker says:

    I’m sure you’re right, Paddy, but surely inertia is not a good enough
    reason to still accept something that is so manifestly problematic, is it?
    That photo of Mathias Frank seemed so out of place after those great pics
    of supreme riders riding supremely. Maybe it’s not necessarily someone from
    Wiggle Honda who’d make the best advocate for reexamining the issue – maybe
    a heavy-weight like Wiggo who’s lending his influence to equality between
    men’s and women’s cycling is needed. Thoughts, anyone?

  22. Joseph Mahach says:

    Greg LeMond for UCI President!

  23. Christopher Dotson says:

    why no mention of Rdyers crash??

  24. chuckbassification says:

    Jesus it’s been uploaded for about 5 minutes…. those clickable links have
    to be done manually…. I hope you didn’t cramp your fingers doing all that

  25. Emmanuel says:

    Could you pot links in the discription for mobile users? Please